Hello Dear Bookmarks Community,Image

[:call] Sorry for the so long time without news !!!

The last year was really a hard working year, and unfortunately it did not gave me enough time for my private life, and quite no time to work on Bookmarks and other web development. [:nuts]

Now as Joomla v1.5 stable is published, it's time to remove the dust and rework a bit this master piece of code that you are loving so much => Bookmarks...

Here is the roadmap:
  • During the next weeks (February and March 2008), I will try to publish the version v2.8, which will be compatible only with Joomla v1.5 with Legacy plug-in. [:idea]
    Note: As far as I have tested my component (v2.7_2g), it is working fine at 99%. It looks like that the core code of Bookmarks is fully compatible with Joomla v1.5 and I will have only to rework some display points (based on language, icons, menus, etc). I think that a beta version "v2.8_0" should be available soon.
  • Then during the year and according to my professional work load, I will try to work on the Bookmarks v3.0 that will be rewritten with the new framework of Joomla v1.5.

[DJesus - 2008.04.05]
Addendum: Hello good news for Joomla v1.5 Legacy Compatibility ! [:-P]

The version of Joomla! v1.5.2 seems to accept Bookmarks v2.7_2 really better than previous versions.
=> Actually I have quite solved all the small issues in Bookmarks v2.7_2h to let it works with v1.5, but I still have 2 bugs:
  • The pagination is not working at all (front-end and back-end), only the first entries are listed (page 1). Not very useful when you have +1'000 bookmarks => I have to review this part and maybe I will need to rewrite it...
  • And 2 small strange errors in Front-end, linked with calls to core code ("Notice: Array to string conversion in \libraries\joomla\html\parameter.php on line 136") but  this does not seems to have impacts on the display.. I need to find where it is called in Bookmarks core code to identify the issue.

So I think that Bookmarks v2.7_2h will be totally compatible with Joomla! v1.5.2 with Legacy support. This will let the Bookmarks Community be able to install Bookmarks component in this new v1.5.2 version or can still use it on Joomla! 1.0.x, until I have enough time to write the Bookmarks v3.0 in Native 1.5 code.

Many Thank in advance for your patience and support ! [:heart]