Hello users of Webtools !Image

[:call] Good news here is he latest update of WebTools, as I did not touch this tool fo very long taime, about 4 year. It needed some fresh up especially for the Back-End interface.
As it was initially designed for Mambo, it was no more respecting the latest security requirements of Joomla v1.0.15 (POSTed data especially).

Just uninstall old version and re-install the new version, as nothing to backup as there is no SQL tables involved..

Download : WebTools [:heart]

Note: the component has been successfully tested with Joomla 1.0.15 and v1.5.2 !

Happy WebTooling !!!



-------------------- Version 2.1 Released --------------------------
2008-04-06 DJesus
 - Reworked Admin Params page to be compatible with latest version of Joomla (security on POSTed variable)
 - Rewritten the Admin Params Tabs with latest library (nicer display)
 - Added option to show/hide Navigator, useful if used only with Menu
 - Added code to prevent displaying Disabled tools
 - Replaced "act" by "task" to standardize component requests (URL)
 - Added support for $Itemid (menu ID) for proper menu highlighting
 - Added better validation of variables when writting/loading Params config file (no more empty or undefined variables that crashes the Component)
 - Fixed some small bugs and typos

-------------------- Version 2.0 Released --------------------------
2004-05-04 DJesus
 - New version # for Joomla! migration

-------------------- Version 1.3 Released --------------------------

2004-05-04 DJesus
 - Fixed issue with CSS in CSS BODY Tag Generator (bug #551)
 - Fixed incompatibilities with Mozilla (Colorpicker Wheel and CSS BODY Tag Generator) (bug #554)
 - Added tool : Mambo Sample Style Page (feature request #578)
 - Redesigned the About page in Back-End and Removed Help page

-------------------- Version 1.2 Released --------------------------

2004-04-24 DJesus
 - Added tool : Country Information (1 module)
 - Added tool : Color Picker WebSafe BW (Black & White) (1 Module)
 - Redesigned the Configuration panel in BackEnd
 - Added CSS style sheet support
 - Added possibilty to define a default WebTool
 - Fixed some display bugs

-------------------- Version 1.1 Released --------------------------

2004-04-19 DJesus
 - Fixed the About and Help page
 - Fixed a bug in wbt_ascii.class.php that prevented the whole component to work properly...

-------------------- Version 1.0 Released --------------------------

2004-04-15 DJesus
 - Initial Release
 - Designed the component's core
 - Added tool : ASCII Lists (3 modules)
 - Added tool : Color Picker and Web Colors Tables (3 modules)
 - Added tool : CSS Body Style Generator (1 module)