Hello Bookmarks Community !Image

[:call] Here is the first version of Bookmarks that is (should be) compatible with Joomla! 1.5 (with Legacy mode) !

Please use only version v2.7_2i (26.07.2008) or higher with Joomla v1.5, as all previous version of Bookmarks are not compatible with this new Joomla version.

[:heart] Download : Beta version v2.7_2i

In the future a Full Native j!15 will be available, but only if I can have more free time from my professional life.. [:-(]

Note: as this is the first compatible release with Joomla! v1.5, it certainly may have some compatibility issues, so please report any problems you will discover to the Forum; this to let me fix them (rapidly)...

Happy Bookmarking !